“A Scandal in Bohemia”

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Title: A Scandal in Bohemia Collection: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Year published: 1891 (July) Year set in: 1888
Mystery: Where is the photograph hidden?
Apparent crime: Blackmail Actual crime: Shown below (possible spoiler)
Summary: The King of Bohemia is being blackmailed by a former lover.

During his younger years, the King of Bohemia had had a liaison with an opera singer, Irene Adler. Now he wishes to marry and he is being blackmailed by Adler who has a compromising photograph. Holmes is asked by the King to retrieve the photograph.

Actual crime
Explanation (spoiler alert)

Holmes uses trickery to get Adler to reveal the photograph's location. But she flees with it before he can retrieve it. However, because she has married someone else, she promises the King that she will keep the photograph secret.

Quotations in this story (2)
"Quite so," he answered, lighting a cigarette, and throwing himself down into an armchair. "You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear."
"I have no data yet. It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts."

Characters in this story (4)
Surname First name Title
Adler Irene
Holmes Sherlock
Von Ormstein WIlhelm King of Bohemia
Watson John Doctor

Locations in this story (2)
Location Town/City County
221b Baker Street London
Briony Lodge London

Other notes

Holmes keeps a photograph of Adler as a reward.


Irene Adler Wilhelm King Bohemia Ormstein Kramm opera marriage photograph Clotilda Briony Lodge Johns Wood Godfrey Norton St Monica