“The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton”

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Title: The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton Collection: The Return of Sherlock Holmes
Year published: 1904 (March) Year set in:
Mystery: No mystery
Apparent crime: Blackmail Actual crime: Shown below (possible spoiler)
Summary: A woman is being blackmailed and Holmes intervenes to help her.

A woman is being blackmailed by a professional blackmailer, Charles Milverton. Holmes tries to persuade him to stop but, when her refuses, Holmes decides to break into his house and steal the documents.

Actual crime
Explanation (spoiler alert)

While Holmes and Watson are hiding in Milverton's house, a woman that had previously been blackmailed by the latter arrives and shoots him. Homes burns all the threatening documents and flees.

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Characters in this story (4)
Surname First name Title
Holmes Sherlock
Lestrade Inspector
Milverton Charles Augustus
Watson John Doctor

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Location Town/City County
221b Baker Street London

Other notes

This is similar to "A Scandal in Bohemia" where Holmes tries to recover something use to blackmail another. There is no mystery to solve here, just an attempt to recover a document.


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