“The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier”

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Title: The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier Collection: The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes
Year published: 1926 (October) Year set in: 1903
Mystery: Why is a man's whereabouts being kept secret?
Apparent crime: None Actual crime: Shown below (possible spoiler)
Summary: When a former soldier tries to contact his friend, he finds the latter's family secretive and hostile.

After fighting in the Boer War, James Dodd tries to contact his closest friend, Godfrey Emsworth, who had been injured in the war. After receiving a couple of letters, the contacts dry up and, when he inquires with the family, he finds them evasive and secretive.

Actual crime
Explanation (spoiler alert)

Emsworth had appeared to have contracted leprosy and they were keeping him hidden to avoid him being taken away.

Quotations in this story (3)
"You see everything."
"I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see."
"How do you know?" he gasped, sitting down heavily in his chair.
"It is my business to know things. That is my trade."
"That process," said I, "starts upon the supposition that when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

Characters in this story (1)
Surname First name Title
Holmes Sherlock

Locations in this story (2)
Location Town/City County
221b Baker Street London
Tuxbury Old Park Near Bedford Bedfordshire

Other notes

Narrated by Holmes. Reported that Watson has remarried.


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