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View Problem of Thor Bridge, The "You've done yourself no good this morning, Mr. Holmes, for I have broken stronger men than you. No man ever crossed me and was the better for it." "So many have said so, and yet here I am," said Holmes, smiling.
View Adventure of the Speckled Band, The "You speak of danger. You have evidently seen more in these rooms than was visible to me." "No, but I fancy that I may have deduced a little more."
View Adventure of the Blanched Soldier, The "You see everything." "I see no more than you, but I have trained myself to notice what I see."
View Adventure of the Dancing Men, The "What one man can invent another can discover," said Holmes.
View Adventure of the Golden Pince-nez, The "What did you do, Hopkins, after you had made certain that you had made certain of nothing?"
View Adventure of the Noble Bachelor, The "Well, it is a possible supposition." "You think so, too?" "I did not say a probable one..."
View Boscombe Valley Mystery, The "We have got to the deductions and the inferences," said Lestrade, winking at me. "I find it hard enough to tackle facts, Holmes, without flying away after theories and fancies." "You are right," said Holmes demurely; "you do find it very hard to tackle the facts."
View Red-Headed League, The "To smoke," he answered. "It is quite a three-pipe problem, and I beg that you won't speak to me for fifty minutes."
View Boscombe Valley Mystery, The "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact," he answered, laughing.
View Study in Scarlet, A "The most commonplace crime is often the most mysterious because it presents no new or special features from which deductions may be drawn."
View Adventure of the Blanched Soldier, The "That process," said I, "starts upon the supposition that when you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."
View Scandal in Bohemia, A "Quite so," he answered, lighting a cigarette, and throwing himself down into an armchair. "You see, but you do not observe. The distinction is clear."
View Adventure of Black Peter, The "One should always look for a possible alternative, and provide against it. It is the first rule of criminal investigation."
View Adventure of the Naval Treaty, The "Of course you saw the J H monogram on my locket," said he. "For a moment I thought you had done something clever."
View Sign of the Four, The "No, no; I never guess. It is a shocking habit, - destructive to the logical faculty."
View Study in Scarlet, A "No data yet," he answered. "It is a capital mistake to theorise before you have all the evidence. It biases the judgement."
View Hound of the Baskervilles, The "Mr. Holmes, they were the footprints of a gigantic hound!"
View Adventure of the Beryl Coronet, The "It is an old maxim of mine that when you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth..."
View Adventure of the Second Stain, The "It is a capital mistake to theorise in advance of the facts."
View Silver Blaze "Is there any point to which you would wish to draw my attention?" "To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time." "The dog did nothing in the night-time." "That was the curious incident," remarked Sherlock Holmes.
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