“The Adventure of the Red Circle”

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Title: The Adventure of the Red Circle Collection: His Last Bow
Year published: 1911 (April) Year set in:
Mystery: Why does a tenant hide in his room and never leave?
Apparent crime: Attempted murder Actual crime: Shown below (possible spoiler)
Summary: A landlady is concerned about her lodger who never leaves his room or shows himself.

A landlady comes to Holmes with concerns about her lodger. He pays above the normal rate but, apart from the first evening, never reveals himself or leaves his room. She asks Holmes' advice.

Actual crime
Attempted murder
Explanation (spoiler alert)

The occupant was actually a woman who had replaced the man, her husband, and so had to remain hidden. She was hiding from a dangerous man who had fallen in love with her.

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Characters in this story (3)
Surname First name Title
Gregson Tobias Inspector
Holmes Sherlock
Watson John Doctor

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221b Baker Street London

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